Saturday, September 11, 2010

Overview: My MAC Pigments!

I LOVE MAC Pigments! I have 10 of them and they are $20 each. Here they are!

1.Shimmer Time

2. Naked

Swatch! (2nd one)

3. Vanilla(My fave)

Swatch!(3rd one)

4. Fairy Lite

Swatch!(4th one)

5. Melon(Best Bronze EVER!)

Swatch!(5th one)

6. Chocolate Brown(Creative name right?)

Swatch!(6th one)

7. Mutiny(Most GORGOUS sky blue)


8. Jardan Airs(whaaaat  kinda name is that?)

Swatch! (right after the blue)

9. Kitchmas

Swatch!(ik...on my leg haha)

10. Lark About

Swatch!(the blueish white one)


  1. Hey It's Justine I'm loving your new blog! This is so cool! :)

  2. Hey Polina,
    This blog is awesome! My favorite MAC pigments are Vanilla, Cocomotion and Mauvement. The last two, I think are limited edition cause they are in the old style packaging but they are absolutely my fave! You have great taste though! I want to get the Fairy lite..never heard of it but your swatch is beautiful and I'm going to the MAC counter tomorrow so I want to pick that up as well as a new MSF, Stars and Rockets Eyeshadow (totallly lost my other one!) and maybe a lipstick or two?

    Very helpful!